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Pikkuyrittäjät is an entrepreneurship education program for elementary schools. During a nine-week period 10-12 year old pupils run a company from beginning to end.

Briefly in English

  • Entrepreneurship education program for elementary schools, where 10 to 12 year old pupils come up with an business idea in a group and develop it further with assistance of the teacher. Program is part of curricula and it is free of charge.
  • At the end of the program, pupils will have their grand finale -event, where they sell the products and services they have come up with.
  • Multidiciplinary learning module that develop transversal competences
  • Program has nine themes, 1-2 hours each
  • Almost 100 000 pupils and 1000 schools have participated in the program since 2014

Learning by doing

The aim of Pikkuyrittäjät (Little Entrepreneurs) is to increase and strengthen the primary school pupils participation and ability to take initiative with learning by doing; to encourage children to think about their own ideas and to try them in practice. As the program progresses, the pupils learn a variety of skills and use the skills they learn in school in practice. The mini-company acts as a learning environment combining the knowledge from school, practical skills, as well as cooperation with business volunteers outside the school.

The goal is to provide children with life changing experiences and a feeling of success to show that anything can be achieved if you keep trying.

Part of JA Finland

Pikkuyrittäjät is facilitated by Junior Achievement Finland. Pikkuyrittäjät is a locally invented learning environment that came up with an experimental action by parents with corporate background. Pikkuyrittäjät was piloted in 50 schools at 2014-15. At 2016 Pikkuyrittäjät was developed to be able to fit as a practical tool and learning environment to support national core curricula. Today over 100 000 pupils have participated in Pikkuyrittäjät.

Pikkuyrittäjät was awarded for the best European Education Program in Oslo 2016 and in Houston 2018 (Global Best Awards).

Want to know more?

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Download Pikkuyrittäjät-flyer in English below

Pikkuyrittäjät-flyer (English)

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